Guest Strip 3 - I Hate Temporal MechanicsFriday, March 3, 2006
Guest Strip 3 - I Hate Temporal Mechanics
A guest strip by Olli Tietavainen, also known as Otie. As every good Star Trek fan knows, effect can precede cause, when time is involved :-)

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March 3, 2006, 00:57 EST
Posted by Administrator

And another guest strip today, this time by Otie.

Have been having computer hell recently. Windows works fine on this machine, wireless, applications and everything. But I can't seem to get Linux to - am using SuSE 9.2, and for some reason, everything just doesn't work. I can't get sound operational, using ndiswrapper for the wireless card seems to make the system freeze, and it's just a general nightmare. I'm seriously pondering completely blanking out the linux partition and replacing it with something else. Maybe Red Hat - it's something different, so it might work.

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