Whoops!Friday, January 20, 2006
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January 20, 2006, 14:04 EST
html and css
Posted by Administrator

My university is kind enough to do free courses in various computer skills for any students or staff. And since the terms of my PhD requires me to do a certain amount of training in "transferrable skills", I thought it an ideal way of doing things. So, I'm doing 3 x 3 hour courses in html/css, 3 x 3 hour courses in C/C++, and a 3 hour course in Photoshop.

My C knowledge is minimal, as is my Photoshop - so those courses will be interesting. Unfortunately, my html knowledge is enough to make basic webpages, for example, this comic - so the first course of the three will be *DULL*. Sadly, it's a requirement to take the other two, which I'll actually learn something in.

I'm off to be bored now.

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