ChecklistWednesday, January 4, 2006
Hands up those of you who aren't above a little... 'tinkering' with the edit files?

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January 4, 2006, 07:00 EST
Back at work
Posted by Administrator

And a new year begins at the job too. It's quite interesting, being thrown straight back into the thick of things... or not in this case. I was the only person in the office yesterday for the entire morning. One person turned up in the afternoon. I get the feeling the labs will wake up properly tomorrow, but it's kind of annoying that I made the effort to get up and be in early and hard-working... and no-one else was around to notice this. That's not the reason I was in early - I'd just happened to wake up at 6am. For some reason, no idea why.

After all, as any true lazy person or slacker knows - what's the point of putting effort in if no-one's around to see it? I should be in early again today, I have time on the electron microscope starting at 8.30, so that'll give me a nice long session of analysis.

Don't tell me you were expecting news on the comic? It's only three strips so far, what's to tell?

Oh, and yes - I am this sarcastic in real life :-)

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