Frequently Asked Questions

Why an Angband webcomic?

For a few reasons. Firstly, I like and enjoy Angband and have been playing it for some years now. Secondly, I really enjoyed the first (and now sadly defunct) Angband comic, and was inspired to make my own in a similar style.

Who are you?

I'm me. Who are you? Though more seriously, I'm Roger.

Didn't that comic on that date violate the rules of Angband?

I'm being rather loose with some of the Angband 'physics' - though I'm mostly following what happens in the game, at other times I'll take liberties. This comic strip is a parody of the Angband game (and other games) and a parody of characters from the broader universe that the Angband game is based on. As well as a parody of real life events!

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