Angband - Tales From The Pit - Main Characters

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Explorington III: Bitter, sarcastic and just plain odd. He has a tendency to die and be reincarnated frequently, sometimes as a mage, a warrior, a paladin, or whatever he feels like at the time. He has several illegitimate children, a fondness for hacking and slaying creatures of the dark and very few morals. He is the main character of the strip, and is controlled by the "player". His objective is to reach the bottom of Angband, slay Morgoth and Sauron and become a hero.

Morgoth, Lord of Darkness: A gigantic towering creature of evil, former god before being cast out by the creator Eru. Armed to the teeth, armoured to the gums, with more endurance and spells than you could shake even a very large stick at. The most powerful creature in the dungeon, and he knows it. Utterly evil, but with a soft cuddly centre, especially when around the love of his life, Sauron. Has a fondness for orcblood tea with cinammon.

Sauron, the Sorceror: Steeped in black knowledge, and while not as powerful as his husband Morgoth, comes a very close second. More fond of using spells and hexes, rather than brute force. The general procedure upon encountering either him or Morgoth is to hurl oneself into a wall in several small pieces, to save time.

Secondary Characters

The townsfolk: Too cowardly to venture into the dungeon below, and too weak to survive there (with the occasional exception), they make their living in the town above the dungeon, mainly from selling to/from monsters and adventurers, with an uneasy peace with both. There are aimless merchants, scarred veterans, idiots, drunks, shopkeepers, street urchins, even mercenaries for hire. For some bizarre reason, every single one of them can dance a mean polka.

The kobolds: Dog-like creatures who are definitely not known for their intelligence, or hygiene. Generally found doing the most menial and rephrehensible jobs in the dungeon of Angband, including spamming.

The orcs: Tougher and stronger than kobolds, but still not that smart or clean. Generally found hunting in larger packs, with a few stronger chieftains among them.

The trolls: Bigger, nastier and meaner than either the orcs or the kobolds, and much smarter. Most of them are even smart enough to hide their intelligence from the outside world.

The Ringwraiths: Nazgul, nine of them in total. Servants to Sauron and Morgoth, and mainly fulfilling the role of hired goons. They mostly dislike their jobs, but are unable to leave due to that pesky One Ring business.

The Angels: Pure forces of goodness, sent into Angband by the bastions of light to fight against all evil. Unfortunately, due to extremely high standards, they see everyone and everything apart from other angels as evil. There are a few angels who've fallen to darkness, however. They get to have all the fun.

The Demons: Chaotic and perilous monsters of various forms, including balrogs and other members of the dark. Occasionally they gibber.

The People: The various humans who venture or live in Angband for one reason or another - mages, mystics, priests, thieves, paladins, rogues, druids. All sorts, some good, some evil.

The Zephyr Hounds: Hounds of their pure element, able to breathe blasts of it. Avoid unless you like pain. And we're not talking the nice kinky spanking sort of pain here.

The Dragons: Creatures of legend, assigned to a specific element. Sometimes hunt in packs, sometimes alone, and very very fond of treasure, carrying vast amounts of it usually.

The Exotica: Strange and unusual creatures that seem to screw with the laws of reality in one way or another.

The Rest: All the other miscellaneous creatures.